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For beginners - adults and children alike - the more superior the sound and touch of their first piano, the more initial success they will enjoy.  A high-quality piano will inspire the novice, provide reinforcement of technique, and produce greater progress, all of which will motivate the player further.

With all of this in mind, we have developed a program that allows either the first-time or experienced player to enjoy the benefits of playing on a beautiful Steinway-Designed piano.

The Six Month "Get Acquainted" Program - For those learning the piano, learn on the right one.

This program allows students to learn on a beautiful new Steinway Designed Piano.  After six months, if you choose to purchase the piano, we will credit you the monthly rental costs towards the purchase.  Even better, you will lock in the purchase price at the beginning of the rental agreement, protecting yourself against price increases.

Finance arrangements often cost no more than the original monthly rental fee.  Our full trade-up Steinway Promise lets you trade in your piano in the future for 100% of the original purchase price toward a new Steinway, Boston or Essex piano of greater value.

Rental Extension - after six months the program turns into a "rent to rent". The six months is no longer available as a credit to be applied towards the purchase of the piano.  Rental extension payment increases to 1.5% of the pianos total value (plus tax).

  • Roland Digitals: $59/month + tax
  • Essex Uprights Various Finishes: $59-$79/month + tax
  • Boston Upright Black Oak Satin: $89/month + tax
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