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When she was a little girl growing up in Menomonee Falls, Barbara's Mom would take her to see the pianos at Bradford's old store at Capitol Court, Milwaukee's first mall.

As a wiggly four year old sitting on that big black piano bench swinging her legs and playing John Thompson's First Methods Book, she dreamed of one day having a Steinway grand piano like the one she was playing. Her dream has come true.

After 20 years of owning and operating Haasch Appliance in Wauwatosa, WI, Barbara saw an opportunity to combine her experience of selling the best-of-the-best appliances with her life long commitment to music. The result is a piano store like you have never seen before. On August 25, 2006, the Steinway dealership, Steinway Piano Gallery of Milwaukee, was incorporated by Barbara and Dennis. Although it is a new and separate business, we have the privilege of being located in the same building where Bradford's Piano was located for 37 years, 11550 West North Avenue in Wauwatosa, WI.

We are committed as a family and as a business to bringing music to children and children to music. Our son and daughter have taken piano lessons since they were also too young for their feet to touch the floor. We have watched how their understanding of the fundamental constructs of music has enhanced their ability to grow cognitively in other areas. Creativity has been unleashed. The nuances of the relationship between rhythm and pitch in piano pieces studied have opened the door for them to recognize other relationships within their various academic studies. We want your children to have the same opportunity.

We chose to become Steinway dealers not only because the Steinway piano is the best-of-the-best, but also because we want to make the commitment to supporting the Milwaukee music community. We will do it in two ways. We have built a beautifully appointed Steinway Recital Hall in the lower level of the Steinway Piano Gallery. It is equipped with a stage big enough for two grand pianos. It also has adjustable lighting, comfortable seating for 50, and a caterer's kitchen, all together in an acoustically correct environment.

Upstairs on the second level, we have remodeled the piano studios to become the Steinway Piano Conservatory. There are eight teaching studios with new colors, new carpets, new lights, new windows, but most importantly, all studios are  equipped with Steinway family grand and vertical pianos. Whether it is an Essex, Boston, or the original Steinway piano, your son and daughter will be playing on a piano built with the Steinway & Sons attention to detail. That is why over 98% of the best performers choose a Steinway. We believe that when your sons and daughters play their recital piece on the finest piano in the world and on a stage that looks and feels professional, they will experience an inherent motivation to excel and become the very best that they can be.

Whether it is a 9' Steinway on the stage of the Performing Arts Center or a 7' (Model B) Steinway grand on the stage of the Steinway Recital Hall, we want you to experience the best. Please stop by and see what we have created.

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