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A Steinway piano is an incomparable creation - a unique achievement that sets the world standard for how a piano should look, play, and sound.  But a Steinway piano is also something more.  It is a singularly inspried investment - an instrument that combines the joy of musical perfection with the security and reassurances of financial appreciation.  It is, quite simply, a treasured possession that grows in value over the course of time - a rare and enduring creation which is handed down with pride from one generation to the next.

The Steinway Gallery of Milwaukee Promise

If any time, within 10 years of this purchase, you decide to trade your Steinway designed Boston or Essex piano for a new Steinway grand piano, you will receive an allowance equal to the full purchase price of your piano - given normal wear and tear.


No Bargaining Tricks - Steinway Piano Gallery does not artificially inflate the so-called "list price" and discount according to your bargaining skills.  Henry Steinway once said, "Build the best piano possible and sell it at the lowest price consistent with quality."

Warranties - Every piano at Steinway Piano Gallery has a warranty.  New Steinway pianos are warranted for 5 years.  Boston and Essex pianos are warranted for 10 years.  Many Roland digital pianos come with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor.  Used pianos are warranted according to their condition and age.

Confidence - Steinway Piano Gallery understands that everyone deserves to have the very best, and that there is no substitute for quality both in services and products.  All that Steinway Piano Gallery is and stands for will give you confidence in your piano selection.

Sales Consultants - Steinway Piano Gallery Sales Consultants are dedicated professionals.  Their strong musical backgrounds and expertise in piano design and construction make them the most knowledgeable in the industry to assist you in evaluating your piano needs.

Financing - We offer a range of affordable payment options.  Speak to your sales representative for details.

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